The Alliant Company is a leading tax credit (LIHTC) firm focused on providing tax credit syndication for the development and financing of affordable housing, multifamily development, and real estate ownership. Founded in 1997 to assist in America’s critical need for affordable housing, today Alliant is among the nation’s top syndicators and has an unparalleled track record of success.

With a dedicated, growing team of experienced and well-trained commercial real estate, asset management, legal and tax professionals, Alliant provides the highest level of fully integrated real estate and investment support services. To date, Alliant Capital has invested in multifamily developments including over 100,000 units and has raised nearly $7.5 billion in equity. 

The Alliant Companies are:

  • Alliant Capital, Ltd: a leader in tax credit syndication for the financing and development of affordable housing.


  • 1st and Rosemary Senior
    1st and Rosemary Senior • 106 units • San Jose, California
  • Durango City View
    Durango City View • 61 units • San Antonio, Texas
  • Lincoln Terrace
    Lincoln Terrace • 75 units • Denver, CO
  • Joie de Vivre
    Joie De Vivre • 73 units • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Parkside Nine
    Parkside Nine • 111 units • Chicago, Illinois
  • Sterling Court
    Sterling Court • 140 units • Houston, Texas
  • Pinnacle Palms
    Pinnacle Palms • 152 units • West Palm Beach, Flordia
  • Tuscany Villas
    Tuscany Villas • 90 units • Plano, Texas
  • Turnberry Village Macomb
    Turnberry Village • 88 units • Macomb, Illinois